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» Is Article XVIII of the Augsburg Confession - about free will - specifically talking about libertarian free will? If so, how is that compatible with divine providence, if no event can occur outside God's control?
» Do we know from Scripture whether Jesus himself returns to usher dying believers home to heaven in the days between his Ascension and his final return on the Last Day? As I think about this more, I suppose this could even be an idle question, as being "ushered" to heaven may not even be the reality of what happens, but rather only a manner of speaking about a believer leaving this life and entering eternal life. Perhaps there is actually no "ushering" involved, as when a believer closes their eyes in death they simply find yourself in the presence of the Lord in heaven. Thanks for any help you can offer. I'm just curious as to how we should speak (according to Scripture) about the "ushering" into heaven of believers who die between Christ's Ascension and his return for Judgment.
» Is it okay to lie to someone to avoid hurting their feelings? For example if someone ask me if I like their outfit and I say yes, when actually I don't like it, is that a lie? Or if someone states an opinion on something that has to do with politics or religion and I agree, when I actually don't agree, is that lying?
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