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Faith Related Q and A
» Matthew 5:28 says that if you look at a woman lustfully, you commit adultery with her in your heart. But what about when it comes to your spouse? Can you look at or think about your spouse lustfully without sinning? Would it not be considered adultery because you are married to that person? Is it somehow apart the unity of marriage (two becoming one flesh)?
» In Exodus 13:11-15 the Bible speaks of the firstborn of every womb and to redeem the firstborn among your sons. Did this mean they sacrificed firstborn sons or that they dedicated their firstborn to serve the Lord? What does it mean to redeem each firstborn son?
» Hi, My wife and I were discussing infant Baptism, more specifically infant and unborn babies being able to believe and be saved who have not been baptized and come from parents who do not believe. My feeling was that a baby has to be able to hear the Gospel in order to be saved. In more detail, the Holy Spirit works through that message, and that babies that do not hear the Gospel cannot be saved. My wife's thought is that the Holy Spirit cannot be limited by people, and we do not know how he can work and what his power is. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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