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» I have grown up WELS, attended parochial grade school, and kept up with Bible studies. I closely follow questions and answers and was recently distressed to read the question regarding people who are near death seeing loved ones, talking as with loved ones. As a nurse for many years, I have observed this happening. I have always felt happy for these people until I read the answer. I know the devil can masquerade as a being of light, and I now fear that all these people have been agreeing to go with the devil. I am wondering if I am now to tell people in those last moments that it is not their loved ones. Not only would that greatly distress me, but family members present would not allow it. If these are people who I have been working with for a while, I would read from the Bible. As a nurse working in public hospitals I frequently walk into a daily assignment where a person is actively dying. Looking back on all the deaths I have been present for where the person seems to be aware of and communicating with an already dead person, I feel very distressed that I may have encouraged people to go with the devil. Please help me with this. I feel terrible about this.
» Do you happen to have a list of WELS books that I can read aside from the Bible?
» I recently started dating someone and was hoping to find a book on the topic of Christian dating. Are there any books you would recommend?
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